Under the weather

November 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

For the first time since my husband and I were married, I’m sick. Now, this in itself wouldn’t normally have any relationship to the fact that we’re married now…except for the “small” fact that now we live under the same roof. Which means I can’t shrug off illness, as I’m wont to do. I also can’t ignore any other basic illness needs, like extra sleep. My husband has been taking incredible care of me, and when I asked him about it, he said simply, “Well, now you can’t hide away from me in your apartment. I can actually do something about your illness now.”

And do something he has done.

Friday night, he made sure I took some Nyquil in order to sleep because I was generally starting to feel under the weather. I couldn’t really identify my symptoms yet, but I knew I was getting sick. Yesterday, he gave me some more Nyquil and instructed that I should sleep when I became tired…so I slept for three hours. This is something I would normally not have allowed myself to do. We also quarantined ourselves from each other (sad) so that I didn’t give him my blossoming infection–he slept in our bed and I slept in the guest bed. Finally, today, when I woke up with painful chest congestion and a rattling cough, he took me to the nearby clinic.

I have a mild bronchial infection and am on a Z-pack/Mucinex regimen. Robert is keeping close track of my med schedule, which is helpful because it makes me very sleepy. I’m hoping to be better by Friday because this weekend is my sister’s bridal shower. And I’m the co-hostess with my cousin and best friend. So…I can’t be sick, lol. And if I am still feeling down, of course, I’ll do the shower thing anyway. The details have all been taken care of now, so I’m positive it’ll go smoothly. 🙂

At any rate, I am extremely thankful for my husband and his diligent attention when I’m sick. I don’t usually take care of myself in this way when I’m sick, so it’s really nice to have someone to depend on. 🙂

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