What I’ve been up to lately…

June 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

Here’s a picture recap of my summer thus far.

1. Robert’s graduation (5.14.10):

Tim Cook, COO of Apple, Inc., addresses the graduates.

2. Robert’s graduation trip to Las Vegas (5.15.10-5.19.10):
Standing in front of the Hoover Dam, 5.18.10.

3. First anniversary on Miramar Beach in Destin, FL (5.21.10-5.24.10):
No oil or tar balls on our beach…yet. It was perfect weather and absolutely gorgeous while we were there.
A delicious slice of the top layer of our wedding cake, which we enjoyed on our anniversary. It was amazing! 🙂

4. My sister’s bachelorette party (6.5.10):
To celebrate the week before her wedding, we took my sister and her friends to a delicious new Mexican restaurant, a fun painting place called Sips n’ Strokes, and finally to a sleepover party at my house. We had a great time, and I am indebted to my cousin for her wonderful help!

5. My sister’s wedding day (6.12.10):
Her wedding gown, hanging in the bridal room at the church. I have been obsessed with this dress’s train ever since she first bought it. I love this dress and she made it look even more spectacular! 🙂
Their wedding cake! It was a delicious cake topped with the most adorable topper I’ve ever seen–lovebirds! 🙂 (That’s my matron of honor bouquet, front and center, hehe.)

6. Sivananda Yoga Retreat, Bahamas (6.17.10-6.20.10):
As a special treat, two of my dear friends and I went to Paradise Island, Bahamas for a three-day yoga retreat. In the middle of June. In the height of mosquito season. Despite the heat and bugs, we had a wonderful time and feel much more capable in our yoga classes back home.

Our ashram, in the jungle. Although we had the most basic accommodations, we had plenty. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful get-away.
Sunset on the Bahamas. This is not a trick of the camera, and this photo has not been edited. The Bahamas seriously looked exactly like this at sunset. It was amazing.
The more typical Bahamian vacation: The Atlantis resort. We were just down the beach from this decadent hotel. We were sure that people were drinking all kinds of rum concoctions…and eating steak…and chocolate. And probably watching the World Cup. But we were very happy in our ashram. (Although, I’ve decided that the next time I go to the Bahamas, I’m staying at The Atlantis.)

I think the most amazing thing about the Bahamas was that the water was actually cool. In the Gulf, where I’m used to visiting, the water rarely offers a great deal of relief from oppressive heat. In the Bahamas, though, the water was refreshing and calm, even at the most oppressive hours of the day. In fact, I spent so much time in the ocean that I got a fairly horrific sunburn (despite my application of sunblock)–this sun is a bit stronger than the Gulf sun. Which…leads me to the next picture.

My very favorite plant in the world: aloe. One of the guests of the ashram gave us a couple of small bottles of 100% aloe (without alcohol, of course), but I’ve worked my way through them at this point. Robert and I went to Publix yesterday in search of a larger bottle of 100% aloe sans alcohol, but we could only find aloe leaves. Which is what we got. I love this plant. LOVE. 🙂

My summer is coming to a close now. I start teaching tomorrow and will teach every single day of the week until August. No complaints, though, because I love my job very much and am grateful to have one. This semester will be particularly interesting; I’m taking a slightly different approach to teaching World Lit I this summer, and I have my fingers crossed that this approach will yield more enthusiasm from my students.

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