The Hangover: real life edition

January 11, 2011 § 4 Comments

You know that super hilarious movie that came out the year before last and got, like, an immediate fan following? And all it was about was a bunch of guys who partied a little too hard and had to piece together their night in order to find their friend? That was me this morning.

Now, as a rule, I have purposefully avoided disclosing my location. But something happened last night that requires me to reveal the location if I’m to talk about it and explain the events of my hangover today. Last night, my absolute favorite college football team (the one I’ve been rooting for since I even knew there was football on this planet…which was pretty damn young) won the National Championship for the first time since 1957! Because of personal problems, I had a tough season this year. I literally cannot go into it, so please don’t ask. Just rest assured that I cheered for my Tigers while simultaneously wishing to God that football season would just end already. Apparently God likes to test the patience of some of his faithful (or maybe I picked the wrong season to have personal problems) because our football season did not finish until last night.

Aaanyway! Robert and I went to our friends’ house last night for a viewing party, which was a great deal of fun. We have some of the best friends in the whole world, I’m convinced of it. Well…I made the mistake of asking one of Robert’s friends to be my personal bartender for the evening. After four drinks (four, folks), I was well on my way to waking up with a hangover reminiscent of the one after my bachelorette party (similar to our fun little movie here). After the amazing game, we all high-tailed it to the biggest block party in our little town. Our driver, also the hostess of the party, was absolutely sober, so we were safe. I, however, was definitely past my limit and can remember little of that block party. Today has been a marathon of, “But when did we get there?” and “How did it come to be that __________ happened?” At some point last night I developed an obsession with going to Academy Sports because they were open after the game to sell shirts. Blessedly, my husband and our friends all agreed that that was not a good idea.

This morning, though, Robert and I sought out stomach-pleasing hangover relief in Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuits, and on our way there, we stopped by the center of our little town for some pictures of our traditional victory salute:

This is essentially what Auburn considers snow.

War Eagle!


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