How would you celebrate 10,000 words?

January 28, 2011 § 6 Comments

Last night, as I saved my latest Word document of dissertation genius (heh), I glanced at my word count at the bottom of the page: 9,937 words. That means that in 63 words (about a paragraph), I will have written 10,000 brand-new words on my dissertation since January 9th. That translates to almost 31 full pages (probably if I had written those extra 63 words, it’d be the rest of the 31st page).

I am ecstatic. Proud. Impressed. Shocked. Stunned.

At times I find myself making statements like, “this dissertation is writing itself really quickly.”

It’s writing itself?

Come on, writer! Take some credit!

So, consider this my concerted effort to take credit: as of Sunday, I will have written over 10,000 brand-new words in January!

How do you celebrate 10,000 brand-new words anyway?

Well, I can think of no more appropriate method to celebrate than by organizing! Oh, no, I’m not even kidding. My office desk is a complete disaster area. I have trouble concentrating in here because I’m surrounded by clutter. And the clutter is entirely the fault of the dissertation–notes, copies, books are strewn all over the desk. There’s hardly any room for my laptop. So I went to Office Depot this afternoon (after my weekly meeting with V, of course), and I purchased two 3″ binders to complement the one 3″ binder I’ve already filled up with copies, a couple packs of paperclips, and some Post-It durable tabs. You can just see where this plan is going, right? All the copies I’ve made will be organized properly: 3-hole-punched, clipped, and appropriately labeled for easy retrieval. I’m actually super excited about my new project.

The other way I’ve celebrated 10,000 words is by changing my blog appearance. I’ve been working on it essentially all day–I realized that some of my pages were absolutely atrocious and in desperate need of attention. The HTML/CSS was just absolutely all over the place, so I’ve reworked the pages to clean them up, and I’m quite pleased with the outcome.

Thanks to all of you for your unflagging support for the first 10,000 words. On to the next 10,000! 🙂

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§ 6 Responses to How would you celebrate 10,000 words?

  • Wish I were closer. I’d take you to lunch to celebrate! But have to admit–I love office supplies–adore the stuff! So, I say “amen” to your purchases and suggest you take before and after photos of the transformation.

    Hope you and the Saintly Robert have a great weekend!

    • Mrs. H. says:

      Maybe I’ll just fly down to Haiti! 😉 Oh my gosh, I wish I had taken pictures of the mess before I cleaned it up…I was just so focused on getting started that I didn’t even think about it, lol. But it was pretty appalling. It’s looking better now! I have a few more articles to print off, label, and organize, and then I should be pretty well caught up.

      The poor Saintly Robert has been sick this whole weekend. So, although I’ve been incredibly productive, he’s been laid out. :\ Poor thing.

  • V. Dub says:

    The blog looks great! Celebrate with a glass of wine and a wedge of artisan cheese. That always makes my day. Congrats on your accomplishments. Thinking of you often.

    • Mrs. H. says:

      Thanks, Vikki! I love that idea–maybe I’ll grab a bottle of wine while I’m running around today (after I’ve written my 10,000th word, of course! ;)) We really need to coordinate our schedules so that we can see each other again soon!

  • petthedog says:

    You are my 10,000 word hero.

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