And the long-anticipated award goes to….

February 11, 2011 § 17 Comments


Oh dear lord...

That’s right, fans! A.Hab. gets to own the most awesome award ever made ever! I really am so incredibly lucky that I got this award! πŸ™‚ So many, many thanks go to Kathy McCullough of reinventing the event horizon for passing this treasure on to me. I should also thank all of my incredible fans for…well, for not abandoning this blog at the sight of this completely ridiculous thing, haha. (And I have full rights to mock this silly award because its creator did, too–so, thanks go to Jillsmo for creating it in the first place.)

And now for the business end of this award: as an award recipient, I have to fulfill certain requirements. No golden naked men for this chicky–no, no. My responsibilities do extend beyond thanking all the “little” people and racking my brain not to forget a one. Nope, I must complete the following to-do list.

Requirements of the award:
–link back to the blogger who awarded you Done!
–display the graphic from award creator Jillsmo Done!
–post 5 facts, four of which must be lies
–pass the award on to 5 other bloggers who must follow these rules
–link the post back to “Memetastic Hop,” so Jillsmo can follow its treacherous trajectory Done!

All righty, now for the fun part!

What do you think is the one true fact? Leave a comment and let me know which one feels absolutely right!

1. When I was in third grade, I fell off the monkey bars and broke my arm in two places. I had to sit out my ballet dance recital.
2. My first pet was a black and white goldfish named Pongo. I named him after watching 101 Dalmations. After Pongo died, I just couldn’t bring myself to own another fish.
3. My very first plane ride ever was when I was a rising senior in college, and we went to New York City to celebrate my sister’s high school graduation. Two days before our trip, my group psychology professor showed us the film Alive, which led me to nearly tear my sister’s skin off her arm during take-off.
4. I met Khloe Kardashian while Robert and I were in Las Vegas after he graduated last May. She’s actually super sweet and smarter than she appears on television!
5. My favorite roller coaster in Disney World is in the Animal Kingdom park–it’s a fairly new ride called Expedition Everest! I absolutely cannot get enough of it! I rode it three times in a row before Robert managed to drag me away.

Oh, Memetastic Award…you fickle bitch. I enjoyed having you for this short span, but I know that your heart lies elsewhere. The blogs I have chosen to award with this silly little elated confetti-tossing kitty all have two things in common: 1. they are all women and 2. they are all personal friends of mine outside of the blogosphere. I have had the pleasure of knowing each of these women for years, and I take great comfort and joy in following their work online. In no particular order, the next five award recipients are:

1. Pet the Dog: “May all of our endeavors make us feel as lovely as when we pet a dog.” On Pet the Dog, readers can look forward to following the writer as she learns Italian, takes on sailing, and perfects her yoga practice. Read, cheer her on, and get inspired!

2. Salad Bar Dating: Educated Crouton attempts to “salad bar date” after 40. She has dedicated her blog to relearning what it means to date at this new point in her life, and she carries on her latest educational experience in a humorous, intelligent way. Follow her as she makes her way down the salad bar, in search of the perfect topping!

3. I’m About to do My Thing: inspired by her published Master’s thesis titled Getting Hair Fixed: Black Power, Transvaluation, and Hair Politics, Monita Bell writes a blog chronicling efforts to negotiate African American issues in the classroom, encouraging confidence in young people, and exploring issues of what it means for an African American woman to get her hair “fixed” today. Her blog is chockfull of intelligent discourse and keen insight.

4. On Writing: writer Tawnysha Greene offers tips and an honest look at what life is like for a writer these days, while simultaneously publishing her own work and pursuing a PhD in fiction writing at the University of Tennessee. In addition to being a superwoman, Tawnysha inspires her readers to push their boundaries and take risks with the potential to reap huge rewards!

5. V. Dub im Haus: V. Dub describes with great humor her day-to-day life as a teacher, as well as her journey with her husband to conceive their first child. V. Dub’s writing style keeps her readers laughing, while likewise conveying deep messages of womanhood, unity, patience, and strength.

Please do yourselves a favor and follow these blogs, if you aren’t following them already. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

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