And then they grew up…

March 5, 2011 § 4 Comments

…our table came today!

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous? 🙂 (Also, please excuse any imperfections in this photo--it's straight out of the camera.)

I really feel like we’re making our move toward becoming grown-ups. Maybe it’s more like a state-of-mind thing. Robert and I will probably always feel like our table was something we bought because we needed more seating, not to mention that the purchase was fun and a little bit thrilling. But what will our kids think? They’ll think, “Oh, this is the kitchen table.” Lord knows I’ve never given any thought to when and how my parents acquired the furniture that decorated our house since I can remember.

We hosted a dinner party with some of our favorite friends tonight to break in the new table. I made a delicious chicken parmesan (my very first, thankyouverymuch) and an Italian ice lemon tiramisu that I got from the Today show yesterday. I have to say that both dishes were delicious–I was quite impressed.

Of course, I could not have possibly managed to create this yummy fare or complete all of my domestic chores without the help of my incredible sous-chef/husband! 🙂 (Thanks for all your help, honey–without it, I’m pretty sure I’d still be cooking right now.) Because he helped me by cleaning bathrooms and the kitchen, changing the bed sheets, running last-minute grocery errands, keeping dishes rotating in the dishwasher, and boiling the spaghetti noodles, we were able to pull dinner out of the oven almost exactly when our guests arrived. Even though our friends are totally laid-back and chill and would never criticize my hostessing capabilities, I truly hate it when I’m still cooking and they arrive. In my mind, I should be absolutely finished and cooled-off by the time they arrive. (Maybe even mildly intoxicated!) But I never am. Today, though, was one of the first times that our dinner guests arrived just as dinner was ready. Well done everyone, all around! 🙂

Just like yesterday, I’m keeping this post short. I’m sleepy after an evening of fun, food, and laughter. Good night, all.


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