A post before it’s too late!

March 22, 2011 § 4 Comments

It’s not a time crunch I’m afraid of. No, no, no. WordPress has been having some herky-jerky craziness in the last couple of minutes, which has prevented me from accessing my all-important stats page. I must be able to see my stats the second they update! So, you can only imagine my need to post my daily entry while WordPress is not acting like my keeper: A.Hab., WordPress says to me. You better write that dissertation or else no more stats for you! If I had a virtual bedroom door to slam while screaming “I hate you, you never let me do anything!” in WordPress’s face, I would. And then I’d emerge five minutes later, mascara staining my cheeks in rivulets, and apologize for my ‘tude.


I just sort of flashed-back to high school A.Hab.


Aaaanyway. Here’s what I wanted to quickly advertise/talk about. My officemate, MC, introduced me to a pretty swanky new app (well…new-to-us anyway…I’m not sure when it was released, although I’m sure that information is readily available) called iProcrastinate. If you ever have anything in your life that requires a plan…download this immediately. Contrariwise to its name, it is an app NOT for procrastination but to help procrastinators (or really busy people) manage their time even better! And we all know how much A.Hab. loves to plan things…this is just like…awesome. Seriously awesome.

Here are a few current screen shots:

Things to notice:
–the ability to input new subject matter (such as “work” or “meetings” or “kids” or whatever)
–the ability to input new tasks within each subject matter
–the ability to give each task a number of associated steps to accomplish the goals
–the ability to attach a file to a task so that it can be opened through iProcrastinate right then and there (“through” meaning, of course, that you would still open it with the appropriate program, but you wouldn’t have to go digging for it)
–the ability to check off each step as you complete it
–a rather neat way of organizing the due dates: iProcrastinate puts it simply (i.e. “tomorrow” or “next Friday”) rather than just relying on your (if it’s like mine) unreliable sense of time to understand that 3/25 isn’t as far-off as it seems…in fact, that’s this Friday!
–an iProcrastinate icon in the dock with a notification reminding you that you have x-number of items due today (for me, that’s one item due today–e-mailing Chapter Two to my directing professor)

What you don’t see pictured:
–when creating a new task, you have the ability to prioritize it (low, medium, or high), star it, and set its date as recurring or not (so if you know you have weekly meetings, as I have with V, then it is easy to set those up)
–an iProcrastinate icon in the taskbar near the battery and time display that 1. indicates that the program is running and 2. allows you to create new tasks within particular subjects (or create new subjects, for that matter) without searching for and pulling up iProcrastinate on your desktop (if your desktop is cluttered or if you have many windows open or minimized that might make it difficult to locate iProcrastinate quickly)
–as you accomplish steps on each task, it will keep track of your accomplishments for you: for instance, completing my chapter draft on time will require five steps for me. If I click the boxes, I will see that I will have completed 1/5 steps, and then 2/5, then 3/5, etc. until the entire thing is completed. Clicking boxes can be unimaginably delightful for someone who both loves lists and procrastinates.

I seem to have angered the WordPress yet again…I will attempt to post this later. 😦 Maybe a fifteen-minute break will do the trick.

I hope I’m not grounded.

Edit: Well, it took a couple of hours, but WordPress seems to be back to operational order…phew. Just in time for my post to go live to count for the day! 🙂 (If anyone from the WordPress team sees this–thanks for the hard work and getting our blogs fixed [for surely mine wasn’t the only one…].)

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  • Lisa says:

    I nearly passed out when I was unable to respond to your comment on my post because of the crisis. I was unable to check my stats. I was unable to do anything. Okay, I have to breath now. Seriously, I think I need that program because I have become so addicted to WordPress that I push everything else aside. Well, I am on spring break, and I have gotten (most of) my grading done, so I guess its okay to play. Isn’t it? I don’t have a dissertation to write, but I should be looking for jobs or writing something else. Sigh.

  • Amanda, I recommend that you check out this post from Maura at 36 x 37–job opportunity:



  • Okay, Amanda, now finally a response to this post:

    Last night with WordPress was crazy hell for those of us obsessed with our blogs–though I think Sara was happy when I finally gave up and set my laptop aside–finally time to spend with her without the BLOG!

    The app sounds appsolutely fabulous! Sorry–couldn’t help myself!

    And thanks again for the BRILLIANT comment on my post from yesterday! You are my hero, Amanda!

  • […] have already mentioned one of my favorite new tools for keeping track of all those to-do lists in order to maintain motivation as well as to avoid […]

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