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Sometimes Akismet via WordPress.com really steps it up and snatches a would-be spammy comment by its twisty little tail and tosses it in the garbage. Here’s a real fascinating gem to truly tickle your poor puzzled brain. I have represented it here in its pure, unadulterated form.

(Please note a few important moments: there is apparently a fertilized egg involved…with an incestuous wedding. But I think the ending is frankly the most disturbing part.)

Side of the road. Because eighteen-year-old silver medallion pendant silver baby anklet, your woman most likely was your boyfriend’s Tang Shu silver chain bracelet silver twisted bracelet, Ichiro Yamaguchi silver dolphin jewelry silver bird ring, chief of this obligatory as a result of Yamaguchi in Tokyo silver clover jewelry, younger than apartment offense in the Kyoto.

Subsequent to 4 years on endeavours silver bell anklet, their unique aims toward make an impression on ones old-timers give the exact selection not to mention ever increasing fine silver sunflower jewelry, wedding party state also has been this guidance from a lot of folks silver cat bracelet, on the other hand with regards to Ichiro Yamaguchi silver snowflake jewelry, an individual’s shape continues to exhausted silver butterfly charm, fingertips in them that compares and Ichiro Yamaguchi .

“Miss silver bow pendant, Write-up read or heard this news silver circle pendant, you juvenile command during the Chinese casino agreeable cruise liners combined with Ruskies live dealer roulette when men or women treated along with harmed a unhappy.” Mieko Yamaguchi maid endured alongside homozygous whispered.

Yamaguchi been made aware of from the male-driver has been decayed, just simply Mieko Yamaguchi also looked at quite sorrowful as quickly come to be thankful, dragged zygote pass, “this stories applies?Inches To work out a relatively wonderful nod zygote, Mieko had said by way of a happy: “a wonderful mortality, we assume plantar too the antique Tang Shu exactly how he or left all of us to assist you to wed his own child ,.Centimeter due to the she gets trouble is that subject, along with forward with the dude was killed, and she or he is merely now not love.

“Now typically meet from the males married, nobody appreciate my eyes?Half inch Mieko Yamaguchi have heard what, all of the sudden come about that will Ouyang.

Mieko is happy ambiance as they simply were initially soon surprised in direction of the noise, revert dogs with aggressive behavior of seem as well action and thus experienced Ouyang Xiao Hehe taken into consideration your lady.

“Who contemplating? Easiest way completed people appear in?Inch Mieko Yamaguchi hearts and minds relating to several fear and anxiety, Ouyang decided not to think concerning instructions at the conclusion just what was created. To obtain mine dwelling the was actually specific, barrier, yet not unshakable, nonetheless that will be easy be found in and that is unfeasible. Obtain a person’s eye

And there you have it, folks. Akismet, the guardian against trolls and canned meat product, saves the day yet again.

There is literally nothing more that I can add.

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  • Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim says:

    Wow. Visualizing the writing “process” for this makes me imagine the scene from “The Emperor’s New Groove” where Yzma is plotting how she is going to kill Kuzco (“I’m going to turn him into a flea, then put that flea inside a box, then I’ll put that box inside a box, and that box inside a box, and that box inside a box, then I’ll mail it to myself, and when it gets here? I’ll SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER [maniacal cackle]”

    The only difference is, the person who wrote it was saying: “I’m going to translate this from Chinese into English, then from English to Chinese, then from Chinese to English, then from English to Chinese, then from Chinese to English, and when it’s finally finished translating back and forth? I’ll spam it to the world [maniacal cackle].”

  • Robert says:

    You know, if this weren’t the Internet and I didn’t know how terrible websites that translate, and then re-translate stuff are–as Tim has pointed out–I’d almost be willing to call this stream of conscience poetry. Especially the third paragraph.

    I guess we can just be grateful that it wasn’t spam about making your penis bigger.

  • limr says:

    Whaddya know, I just got that same spam comment, although interestingly enough, I think it’s slightly different in places. It’s really just too good!

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