Every A.Hab. Needs a Moby Dick

April 18, 2011 § 6 Comments

I may have married into my nickname of A.Hab., but the mantle fits. I struggle every day to search for and dominate my white whale, my Moby Dick, my dissertation. The trouble, of course, for searching for a massive white whale is that the endgame often overshadows the journey. Right now, all I can think of is graduating in August. I can only imagine this book’s completion. I want it to be over. I want to win at dissertating.

Then I experience life and am reminded that this project requires a specific type of journey. I am learning about my fortitude, my intellect, my confidence, my ability to just keep going. Yes, the endgame is specific (graduation), but what about after graduation? Once I am no longer a student (and, believe me, friends, A.Hab. will not be enrolling in any more degree-seeking programs), what will I have to show for myself if all I’ve focused on is the product? Surely there is more to life than just trying to race to the end. Surely I should develop my Self instead of merely focus on producing something.

So yes, I will pursue my white whale. But I will not lose sight of the purpose of my journey while in pursuit.

In the meantime, I wanted to introduce you to my little helper: mini Moby Dick!

Moby's hard at work. Is A.Hab.?

This little guy is a USB-hub (he comes with four ports) and is just a genius at his job. The two drives you see plugged into his side here are too wide side-by-side to plug in nicely to my laptop. So, I bought Moby in order to offer myself some additional space. He has not disappointed. If my laptop is with me, Moby goes too. And yes, his eyes glow red when he’s at work. I’m not sure why the engineers behind Moby’s magnificence chose red for his eyes (surely blue or green are more attractive and less demonic), and yes I was freaked-out when I first plugged him in only to be greeted by sinister eyes. I’ve come to appreciate Moby for what he is…even his bright red eyes.

With miniature Moby by my side, I will pursue my great white whale (and hopefully be more successful than my namesake) and will hopefully come to learn something in the process.

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