Typos: the difference between a peaceful president and a worldwide terrorist

May 2, 2011 § 9 Comments

As we all know by now, Osama bin Laden is dead, dead, dead! (Anyone else feeling a little like the Munchkins while they sang their “Ding-Dong” song?) There’s a part of me that is utterly thrilled…I imagine the feeling is similar to realizing that Hitler died. Except it’s compounded by the pride in knowing that American forces sought physical justice against a man who orchestrated a devastating attack that killed nearly 3,000 innocents. And then there’s the other part of me that doesn’t really take a great deal of joy in death of any nature. How does celebrating in the streets and waving our flags make us any better or different from the radicals who celebrated the deaths of our citizens since 2001? Although I don’t want to get up on my high-horse, I do hope that we’re celebrating the right thing here. I hope we’re celebrating a massive step forward in our efforts against terrorism as well as celebrating some closure for those who have lost someone on and since September 11th. I have fears right now. Of course I do. My first thought was, “Oh shit. Now what are they going to do to us??” I think they’ll continue to threaten and talk big…but I trust the message Obama gave us last night during his impromptu speech. I believe they do have operatives in place to prepare for any and all backlash. To imagine that the war on terror has been satisfied with the death of a single madman is utterly naive. And I think we all would agree with that assessment.


On to the subject of this particular post.

Can we please talk about typos? And, in addition to typos, can we also talk about Freudian slips? And can we maybe please learn the name of our freaking President? The man who’s been in the White House since, oh, January 2009? Please?

See, as I was watching The Today Show this morning, I heard this amazing slip: “Obama bin Laden has been killed.” Really?? Fascinating. And then I heard it again. This time by Kathy Lee. And then again by a man they were interviewing whose sister was killed in the first tower on September 11th. And then I was talking to Robert, and he happened to mention this:

Fox Headline FAIL: “Obama” Bin Laden Dead?

Which led to this:

Fox Anchor’s On-Air Gaffe: “President Obama Dead.”

So, here’s a plea from one lonely English GTA to the rest of her fellow Americans: can we please take a moment to locate the “S” key and the “B” key, recognize that they are not right next to each other (or even on the same row), acknowledge that there is no reason why we should be misspeaking this way, correct ourselves, and stop reporting the wrong story?



§ 9 Responses to Typos: the difference between a peaceful president and a worldwide terrorist

  • Tim says:

    Hear, hear! Although, to be honest, Fox’s affiliates make enough “errors” in that little informational bar that I have to wonder if they are really errors.

  • Oh, my head is spinning.

  • Robert says:

    This song and accompanying music video sum up my feelings:

    While I understand the movie was a bit of a satire on the rah rah patriotism we are seeing now….sometimes the irony just needs to be pushed aside.

    • Jennifer says:

      LMAO..ohh…thanks for posting that Robert! I posted the link from youtube to my Facebook. That was awesome…a great laugh! =D Let’s see if I offend anyone. ;P

      I agree with you cousin, I don’t want to celebrate the death of a person but instead I’m celebrating an end to a 9-10 year man hunt and the realization that this chapter is closing for us. I am so proud that our government was finally successful at pulling something of this caliber off. He was such a horrible person, the world should celebrate the fact that one less embodiment of evil is on this planet with us.

  • Tori Nelson says:

    Haha. Thank you Robert for that studding display of patriotism. Love it.
    Also, PLEASE don’t let Trump get a hold of this. He will make more of a fool of himself (is that possible?), bragging that his Birther Movement led to the death of an uneducated, un American president.

  • Moka B. says:

    Well put, Mrs. H! Amen, amen, and amen again! I’ll be sharing this post!

  • Lisa says:


  • I was not aware of these mistakes–how sad! But I’m like you–I worry about what might happen next! Great post, Amanda!

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