Smells like spam to me

June 8, 2011 § 4 Comments has a deal with a spam-catching mechanism called Akismet. I think I have a growing crush on Akismet because it catches the craziest crap comments. I technically don’t have to read them–I can just delete them all permanently without giving them a single look, if I wanted.

But sometimes I do read them because they’re just too funny. Here’s the latest. And what’s really brilliant about this spammy comment is that “feels” real:

“This ought to have taken a long time for you to compose, want I was as committed as you might be!I’ve discovered your weblog to become really informative. As somebody new to blogging, I am going to a variety of internet sites to learn about a lot more about blogging in common and just how I can monetize my weblog. I will have to bookmark your site so I can visit it from time to time.”

Two things. 1. This was posted on my “Need a Password” page. Really? It should have taken a long time for me to compose a quick-off about how to request passwords? Fishy…. 2. The name used to sign in for the comment is associated with a website advertising workout machines with a page titled “workout machine for tops.” Now, folks, you have to understand that my mind is constantly on sex (it’s the nature of my dissertation). When I see the word “tops” in any context outside of shopping, I immediately think “the man on top.” I’m sure this webpage isn’t aimed only for the tops, but I’m not about to click on that link to find out. Surely it means “torsos” or something to the same effect.

I love Akismet for catching crap like this. If anyone is forced to scan the comments, I’d rather it be me than an unwitting visitor to my blog. And worse, can you imagine what you might be exposed to if you clicked a link out of curiosity? Thank you, Akismet. In this case, censorship wins the day.

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