Baby Hab.: Month Two in Review

May 1, 2012 § 12 Comments

Robert holds our ten-week old miracle in both arms, one of his hands wrapped around both of hers. She gazes deep into his eyes, occasionally thrusting her tongue out in an attempt to mimic his mouth while he talks to me. She loves these moments with her daddy, and secretly so do I. It is one thing to see one’s boyfriend as a fiancรฉ. Then, it is another thing to see him as a husband, waiting in anticipation for his bride to make it down the aisle. But to see that man as a father is just as miraculous as the little life we created together eleven months ago.

Mommy went a little wild with the outfit this month: hot pink stripes plus a black and white polka dot tutu!

Before we get to Melanie’s incredible development, here is a quick list of my experiences in Month Two:

1. Lost an additional four pounds. As of March 29th, I was down a total of 33 pounds just a little over two months after my baby was born. That’s six pounds over the total weight I gained. Funny enough, though, I am not sure I feel proud of this accomplishment because I am still scared that one day my milk will just dry up. It’s an irrational fear, but it’s a fear nonetheless. I am insecure about the new shape my body has taken. The shape my body was before my belly swelled seems to have migrated back toward my rear so that now I have extra padding on my ass in addition to a deflated belly. I can wear my prepregnancy clothing, but I don’t feel happy with the way I look in it.

Despite the crazy wardrobe choice, Melanie is all smiles!

2. Mel comes with me to Mass for the first time. I took Melanie to Mass on Palm Sunday, March 25th. She slept on my shoulder the entire time. I am not sure she even knew what happened by the time we got back in the car. She has been to Mass with me and Robert every week since; sometimes her aunt and uncle come, too. Some Sundays are better than others (there was a particularly terrible Sunday when she pooped all over Robert right at the beginning of Mass).

Melanie is growing out of her newborn features and really coming into her infant ones. I think I'm happy about that....

3. Confidence fluctuations. Throughout the second month, I experienced a jagged climb in my confidence levels. Some days were better than others, but overall my confidence had improved between weeks five and eight. I think the one activity I grew most confident in was bathing her. Losing the umbilical stem was extremely helpful with that, too, because I could finally give her a bath in her infant tub.

Melanie is beginning to stir from her evening nap, so I’m officially on borrowed time. Here is a brief list of Melanie’s accomplishments and developmental milestones throughout this month…plus pictures!

Week Five
–Melanie plays and smiles on activity mat; Annie the Nanny stands guard (3.18.12)
–Makes eye contact and smiles on purpose; pediatrician tells us her social skills are advanced because these behaviors develop on average in the seventh or eighth weeks (3.23.12)

Melanie started to play independently after I bought her a bright pink activity mat. It plays music as well as funny sounds--Mel loves musical toys!

I call this her "for the love of God, woman, stop taking pictures and pay attention to your baby" look.

Week Six
–Develops the “tired” cry
–Tries to push up on arms when she’s on her belly, particularly when we are holding her

Week Seven
–Visits Daddy’s office (4.6.12)
–Has her very first Easter (4.8.12)

Look what the Easter Bunny brought Melanie for her first Easter! A duck, a lamb, and a pinwheel! Don't tell Ducky, but Melanie loves Lambie the very best.

Sebastian, my sister's Shih Tzu, cuddles close as Melanie gets her bottle on Easter Sunday.

Week Eight
–Begins to mimic facial expressions and derives great delight from a successful mime (especially sticking out her tongue)
–Practices laughing in her sleep

It is so difficult to believe that Melanie is nearly three months old by the time I’m writing her post about Month Two. Time is flying by, but we are soaking up every moment of every day.

As we start to see her personality develop, I just hope she will grow up to be as kind-hearted as she looks. Her smiles genuinely warm my heart and ease my insecurities.

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