Helpful Websites

Below are some websites that I have found particularly helpful while we work our way through this new lifestyle. Please leave a comment or e-mail me if you know of other websites that should be featured here.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Food Allergen: Soy Allergy
So, we don’t live in Canada.  But this is the first website I found when I desperately Googled “what foods have soy.” What I love about this website is that it lists every sneaky name that soy will be listed under on your food labels.  And, sure enough, I have seen every single one of these words on labels.  Most food labels are required to list which allergens they have used (wheat, soy, and peanuts are the most common), but they don’t always list their allergens, especially if the food does not contain more than a particular amount.  So, we still have to read our labels, and carefully.
Soy Allergy
I love visiting  Having grown up in a medical household, I am attracted by MayoClinic’s no-nonsense approach to providing answers to health questions.  In fact, this is where I start when I have a medical question and am unable to call my own family for assistance.  MayoClinic’s website will list for you clear symptoms a soy allergic individual will likely experience (ranging from itchiness to nausea to asphyxiation–of course, the latter is considered severe and requiring immediate medical attention).  Depending on where your allergy falls on the spectrum, you may or may not be given a epinephrine pen (commonly called “epi pen”) for home dosages.  These are used only in the most extreme of circumstances–if you are experiencing allergy-related asphyxiation and have been instructed by your physician to do so, have someone give you a dose from your epi pen and call 911.*

*I am not a medical professional.  I have no medical training.  The knowledge of medicine I have has been attained by asking physicians and nurses endless questions, as well as doing my own exhaustive research.  The information I provide here is in no way meant to replace or contradict physicians’ orders.  Please consult your personal physician before administering any care to an individual suffering from an allergic reaction.

Soy-Free Life

Soy Substitutes

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