Soy-Free Friendly Companies

Soy-Free Friendly Companies

  • Dr. Oetker
  • Most of the boxed mixes by Dr. Oetker are both gluten-free and soy-free.  The cake mixes taste like Betty Crocker, which is a relief, especially for picky eaters who love their desserts.  Please do not assume that just because the label says Dr. Oetker that it will automatically be soy-free.  Read the label carefully!  Our favorite cake mix is the chocolate.

  • Pamela’s Products
  • We have only tried the dark chocolate icing mix and the white sandwich bread mix.  But we adore Pamela’s Products because they taste just like every other soy- and gluten-laden product out there.  Actually, they might be a bit better since they’re homemade.  In fact, icing Dr. Oetker’s chocolate cake with Pamela’s dark chocolate icing makes an absolutely ridiculous and decadent birthday cake.

  • EnjoyLife
  • The only EnjoyLife product we have tried are their chocolate chips.  Do you love Nestle TollHouse cookies, but are sad because you can’t use their chocolate chips?  Well, fret no more!  Now, you can use the exact same TollHouse cookie recipe, but substitute these little beauties for the chips.  We can’t taste the difference!  Also, a brief note: you might also like the chocolate chip cookie recipe on the back of the bag.  It’s quite good, but don’t be alarmed if your cookies don’t rise–they’re more like drop cookies than anything else.

  • Nathan’s Hotdogs
  • God bless, Nathan’s!  My husband is a sucker for a delicious hotdog, and we were really bummed when we found out that most of our favorite brands used soy or soy byproducts.  As far as we can tell, Nathan’s is the only mainstream hotdog company that does not use soy or soy byproducts in their food.

  • Bahama Rice Burger
  • Are you a soy-allergic vegetarian or vegan?  Don’t want to be left out at the backyard cookout?  Bring your own frozen burger patties without the fear of an allergic reaction!  I found these in the freezer section at Publix one day after remembering that one of my cookout guests, who is vegan, is soy-allergic.  Panicked, I read labels for fifteen minutes before I finally glanced out of my periphery and saw this bright blue box with bright yellow lettering: Soy Free!  According to my guest, they are delicious!

  • Rudi’s Organic Bakery
  • We rely on Rudi’s to provide our hamburger buns, hotdog buns, and sandwich bread.  Sometimes I just can’t bake a fresh loaf of sandwich bread for my darling husband (although I would love to).  Rudi’s has saved my skin on many a busy week!  We also put out Rudi’s buns (both hamburger and hotdog) for our guests at our cookout.  We normally find these products either at Earth Fare or Whole Foods.

  • Kinnikinnick
  • So far, we’ve only found their tapioca rice hotdog buns in our grocery store freezer section, but I hear they carry quite a selection.  My husband says that the hotdog buns have a different consistency than the run-of-the-mill soy-laden hotdog buns, but he loves them.

    Soy Substitutes

    Soy-Free Cookbooks

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