Sweet Beatrice watching "30 Rock"

Full Name: Beatrice
I named Beatrice for Shakespeare’s Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing. I chose the name for this girl because she exhibits the independence that Shakespeare’s character exhibits. But she also, like her namesake, has a strong sense of loyalty and love for those who show love to her.
Nicknames: Beatrice’s nicknames are likely to appear throughout the blog. Here’s a crash course: Bea-Bea, Bea, Baby Bea-Bea, Bea-Bea Gun (thanks to my dad), Booger Baby Bea-Bea, Boogie-Woogie, Woogie, Woogs.

Year of Birth: March 2006

Breed: Tabby with calico markings

Story: I adopted Beatrice in May 2006, after being accepted to the PhD program in English. I realized that if I were staying at this same university, then I should go through with my plan to get another kitten. I wanted a second kitten for a couple of reasons. As my second year of the Master’s program wore on (complete with exams and a thesis), I felt increasingly bad for Callie–she was often left at home for many hours while I spent late nights in my office or in the library. When I got home, she would come running to me, meowing all the time. I knew she was lonely. The other reason I wanted a second kitten is because I came from a home that had two cats, and I knew that in the case of cats, two is always better than one. I adopted Beatrice from the local humane society, and she and Callie bonded nearly immediately. Of course, Callie had to stake her claim on the house as the alpha cat, but once she realized that Beatrice was just a baby, then she calmed down and started to mother her.

Beatrice has the most loving disposition of a cat that I have ever encountered. Although independent, she loves loves loves being around people. Her meow is nearly nonexistent, and she squeaks instead. The only time she meows is if it’s time to eat or if she feels trapped somewhere. She is extremely easy-going–vacuum cleaners do not send her into a frenzy, nor do nosy dogs. Beatrice rounded out my little family at the time when I got her, and she brought with her a new element of fun and playfulness. She is super sweet and brings so much light to my days.

Bea-Bea's favorite sleeping place and her very favorite sleeping pose.

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