Meet Mr. Milton

Full Name: Milton
He was named for John Milton, one of Robert’s favorite poets. Robert hoped that by naming him after a famous and brilliant poet, some of the intelligence might rub off. Unfortunately, he acts a little more like Milton from Office Space than like the Paradise Lost creator.

Year of Birth: Nov/Dec 2004

Breed: Chow-Chow mixed with Yellow Labrador; he’s a “Chowbrador.”
Milton has the temperament and body of a Lab, but a head, tail, and tongue of a Chow-Chow. His tongue is almost the color of his nose.

Story: Robert picked Milton up from a local animal shelter in January 2005. He had originally seen a litter of Chow-mix puppies, but they unfortunately died of Parvo. When Robert returned to the shelter and learned the sad fate of the puppy he wanted, someone walked into the shelter with two fluff balls. One of the fluff balls, the brown one, was hyper and energetic. The other one, the yellow one, was passed out. And so, Robert adopted the easy-going, relaxed Milton.

Milton is what we lovingly characterize as “people dumb but dog smart.” He may not understand what his humans are trying to convey to him half the time, but he does understand his basic commands. He’s a fierce protector of his family when he feels threatened, but he’s also a total sweetheart when he meets our friends. All in all, Milton is the perfect example of a good dog.

Milton's most common state of being: asleep.

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